2013 Walton Family Foundation Grants

In 2013, the Walton Family Foundation invested more than $325 million in initiatives to expand opportunity for individuals and communities in the United States and internationally. The majority of investments were made in three key areas of focus – K-12 education reform, freshwater and marine conservation and quality of life initiatives in Arkansas and Mississippi.

A full list of grants made in 2013 is below:

Systemic K-12 Education Reform
Shape Public Policy
Create Quality Schools
Improve Existing Schools
Research and Evaluation
Other Education Grants
Freshwater and Marine Conservation
Marine Conservation
Freshwater Conservation
Other Environment Grants
Home Region
Arkansas Education Reform
Northwest Arkansas
Delta Region of AR & MS
Research and Evaluation
Special Interests
Grants Less Than $10,000

Systemic K-12 Education Reform Grants

Shape Public Policy
100 Black Men of America, Inc. 420,000
50CAN, Inc 4,300,000
Academic Development Institute, Inc. 100,000
Alliance for School Choice, Inc. 3,163,500
America Achieves, Inc. 498,432
American Center for School Choice  100,000
American Education Finance Association Inc. 25,000
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research  317,435
Arete Scholars Fund, Inc. 250,000
Arizona Charter Schools Association  400,000
Association of American Educators Foundation   362,000
Association of Missouri Charter Schools  229,802
Beacon Center of Tennessee 50,000
Bellwether Education Partners (DC Partner) 480,339
Bellwether Education Partners, Inc.  300,000
Black Alliance for Educational Options  1,300,000
Brookings Institution 547,555
California Charter Schools Association   5,000,000
Center for Better Schools  6,000
Center for Education Reform 541,856
Charter School Partners  596,000
Children Now 350,000
Colorado League of Charter Schools 355,000
Colorado Nonprofit Development Center  375,000
Colorado Succeeds 750,000
DC Public Charter School Board 10,000
Education Commission of the States 129,262
Education Pioneers 1,162,186
Education Reform Now, Inc. 2,814,600
Education Sector Inc. 72,063
Education Trust, Inc. 150,000
Education Trust-West 273,000
Education Writers Association  125,000
EdVoice Institute for Research and Education 200,000
Families for Excellent Schools, Inc.  500,000
Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity 200,000
Friends of Choice in Urban Schools  617,668
George W. Bush Foundation 103,000
Georgetown University   264,545
Georgia Charter Schools Association Inc. 650,000
Georgia Public Policy Foundation 120,000
Great Lakes Education Foundation 120,205
Great Oakland Public Schools Leadership Center 150,000
Harvard University 2,073,891
Heritage Foundation 150,000
Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options  326,250
Hispanics for School Choice Educational Trust Fund 40,250
Illinois Network of Charter Schools    750,000
Indiana Public Charter Schools Association Inc. 292,471
Institute For Justice  530,547
LA Voice 100,000
Language Academy of Sacramento 10,000
LA's Promise 150,000
League of Education Voters Foundation 250,000
Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools 444,582
Low Income Investment Fund  100,000
MAPSA - Michigan Association of Public School Academies 554,985
Marquette University 289,389
Massachusetts Charter Public School Association  350,000
MICAH Project 227,700
Milwaukee Chapter - Black Alliance for Educational Options Inc.  25,000
Milwaukee Charter School Advocates 106,101
Mississippi First 275,000
Morehouse College 240,000
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools  1,300,000
National Association of Charter School Authorizers  210,066
National Conference of State Legislatures 203,000
National Council on Teacher Quality  175,000
National Governor's Association Center for Best Practices 225,000
National Public Radio 600,000
New Jersey Charter Public Schools Association  437,052
New Schools for New Orleans Inc. 543,157
New Teacher Project Inc. 2,500,000
New Voice Strategies 150,000
Newark Charter School Fund 1,875,000
NewSchools Venture Fund NSVF 1,857,636
Northeast Charter Schools Network, Inc. 550,000
Nova Southeastern University Inc 25,000
Oakland Community Organizations  200,000
Ohio Alliance of Public Charter Schools  184,583
OneOC 37,823
Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy 200,000
Pahara Institute 500,000
Parent Revolution, Inc. 1,995,324
Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina  710,000
Partnership for Los Angeles Schools  279,799
Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools 230,000
People Acting in Community Together  200,000
Philadelphia Schools Project a/k/a Philadelphia Schools Partnership 210,000
Philanthropy Roundtable 115,000
PICO National Network 200,000
Pioneer Institute, Inc. 120,000
Policy Innovators in Education Network Inc  427,289
Reason Foundation 75,000
Rhode Island Mayoral Academies  510,000
School Choice Indiana 250,000
School Choice Ohio 500,000
School Choice Wisconsin Inc. 200,000
Show-Me Institute 40,000
Silicon Valley Community Foundation 500,000
St. Marcus Lutheran School 75,000
Stanford University Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University 99,930
Step Up for Students  28,000
Students First Foundation 500,000
Students for Education Reform  650,000
StudentsFirst Institute 2,787,000
Synergy Academies 10,000
Teach For America - Indianapolis: Indianapolis Principal Fellowship 10,000
Teach For America (National)   2,020,000
Tennessee Charter Schools Association  304,522
Texas Charter Schools Association  218,707
Thomas B. Fordham Institute 847,950
United Negro College Fund, Inc.  445,400
University of Arkansas Foundation Inc 307,144
University of Notre Dame 392,739
University of Washington Foundation - Center on Reinventing Public Education 250,000
Urban League of Greater New Orleans 355,081
Wisconsin Lutheran College 10,000
Shape Public Policy Total $63,412,817
Create Quality Schools
4.0 Schools 450,000
Accelerate Institute 250,000
Achievement First, Inc. 616,000
Alliance College-Ready Academy High School 18 250,000
Alliance College-Ready Academy High School 20 250,000
Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 10 250,000
Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 12 250,000
Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 8 250,000
Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 9 250,000
Animo Charter Middle School #2 250,000
Arizona Autism Charter School 220,000
Arizona Charter Schools Association  200,000
Atlas Preparatory School 250,000
Bdote Learning Center    30,000
Bricolage Academy 250,000
Brighter Choice Foundation, Inc. 555,000
Building Excellent Schools, Inc   2,826,500
Building Hope 300,000
Camino Nuevo High School No. 1 250,000
CASA Academy 30,000
Charles R. Drew Charter School 250,000
Charter Fund - d/b/a CSGF Tennessee 1,000,000
Charter Fund, Inc.   14,500,000
Chicago Collegiate Charter School 220,000
Children's Scholarship Fund 8,560,000
Christel House Academy West 250,000
City on a Hill Charter Public School II 250,000
City Year Inc 227,000
Colorado Nonprofit Development Center  225,000
Cristo Rey Network 530,000
Delta Charter School of Math, Science and Technology 220,000
Denver Montessori Junior-Senior High School 250,000
DREAM Charter School 250,000
East Harlem Scholars Academy Charter School II 250,000
Educational Enterprises, Inc.  555,000
Equitas Academy Charter School #2  250,000
Exalt Education  160,000
Excel Center Lafayette Square 250,000
Excellent Education Development, Inc.   3,550,000
Excellent Schools Detroit 301,900
Extera Public School #2 250,000
Fenton Academy for Social and Emotional Learning  250,000
Fenton Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Academy 250,000
Fortune School 250,000
Girls Athletic Leadership High School 220,000
Global Education Academy Middle School 250,000
Grand Rapids Ellington Academy of Arts and Technology 250,000
Hiawatha Leadership Academy – Northrop 250,000
High Tech High Graduate School of Education 200,000
Highline Academy at Green Valley Ranch 250,000
Horizon Charter School Academy - Belmont 250,000
Horizon Charter School Academy - McKinley Park 250,000
IFF 193,766
Indianapolis Academy of Excellence- A Challenge Foundation Academy 30,000
Inspire Academy 250,000
Ivy Bound Academy Math, Science, and Technology Middle School 2 250,000
KIPP Foundation 8,808,000
Larchmont Charter School 250,000
Lawrence D. Crocker College Prep - A School for the Arts and Technology 250,000
Lee Montessori Public Charter School 250,000
Lighthouse Academies 250,000
Local Initiatives Support Corporation  469,189
Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee 59,000
Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative Inc.  375,000
Madison-Carver Academy 220,000
Martin Luther King, Jr. Preparatory High School 250,000
Match School Foundation Inc. 150,000
Math and Science College Preparatory 30,000
Metro Charter School  250,000
Mildred Osborne Charter School 250,000
Milwaukee College Preparatory School of Wisconsin 133,000
Mind Trust Inc. 23,000
Montessori del Mundo 250,000
National School Climate Center 30,000
New Leaders 1,000,000
NewSchools Venture Fund NSVF 894,750
Northeast College Prep 250,000
Pacific Charter School Development, Inc.  2,070,000
Pataula Charter Academy - High School 250,000
Paul Habans Charter School 250,000
Philadelphia Schools Project a/k/a Philadelphia Schools Partnership 1,666,666
Polaris Charter Academy 250,000
Relay Graduate School of Education 500,000
Rocketship Education 200,000
San Antonio Area Foundation  1,500,000
Schaumburg Elementary 250,000
Schools That Can Milwaukee, Inc. 515,000
SySTEM Phoenix 30,000
Tallulah Charter School 250,000
Tennessee Charter School Incubator  611,736
The Academy Charter School 250,000
The NET Charter High School 250,000
The Oaks Academy 331,650
University of Notre Dame 486,000
Valor Academy Charter High School 250,000
VBP Indy Inc. 250,000
Venture Academy 250,000
Vision Preparatory Charter School 250,000
Vista College Preparatory 220,000
Westside Atlanta Charter School 220,000
Woodlands School, Inc. 241,200
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation 400,000
Young Audiences Charter School 250,000
Create Quality Schools Total 70,104,357
Improve Existing Schools
Achievement Network, LTD 62,500
Aspire Public Schools 135,000
California Charter Schools Association  550,000
Center for Better Schools  332,000
Charter Board Partners  621,875
DC Public Charter School Board 500,000
DC Public Education Fund 16,903
Denver Public Schools   109,375
Goodwill Education Initiatives, Inc. 300,000
Illinois State Charter School Commission 100,000
Leading Educators Inc. 75,000
Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative Inc.  50,000
National Association of Charter School Authorizers  1,750,000
National Council of La Raza  300,000
NextGen Network Inc. 76,000
Ohio Alliance of Public Charter Schools 87,461
Partners Advancing Values in Education  100,000
Seton Education Partners  170,000
Teach For America (National)   15,050,000
Wisconsin Lutheran College 200,000
Improve Existing Schools Total $20,586,114
Research and Evaluation
American Institutes for Research in Behavioral Sciences 185,830
Education Commission of the States 15,000
Hoover Institution, Stanford University 324,383
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools  18,000
Regents of the University of Michigan 89,032
University of Notre Dame 113,000
University of Southern California 142,035
University of Wisconsin - Madison 239,820
Research and Evaluation Total $1,127,100
Other Education Related Grants
Aspen Community Charter School 333,333
Bartlesville Public Schools 10,000
Bentonville Public Schools 122,550
Bentonville Public Schools Foundation 10,000
Brophy College Preparatory 16,500
Building Excellent Schools, Inc   283,000
California Academy of Sciences 230,000
CEO Leadership Academy, Inc. dba Milwaukee Collegiate Academy 375,000
Compass Montessori Secondary School 33,642
Denison Independent School District 10,000
Denison ISD Education Foundation, Inc. 10,000
Great Work, Inc. 93,000
Hagedorn Little Village School 3,418,850
Harlem School of the Arts, Inc.  25,000
Lighthouse Academies 125,000
Menlo School 25,000
Messmer Catholic Schools Scholarships 10,000
New Heights Christian School 135,000
Nueva School 1,700,000
Phillips Brooks School 25,000
Prairie Grove Middle School 12,000
St. Paul's School 50,000
Teach For America (National)  1,727,500
Teach For America, Inc. 25,000
Teton Science Schools 170,000
Other Education Related Grants Total $8,975,375
K-12 Education Reform and Other Education Grants Total $164,205,764

Environment Grants

Freshwater Conservation  Amount 
Alliance for Water Efficiency 262,500
American Rivers, Inc. 424,400
American Whitewater 160,000
Arizona Land and Water Trust Inc. 57,947
Bonneville Environmental Foundation 262,615
Boulder Community Foundation 200,400
Carpe Diem West 138,000
Ceres, Inc. 175,000
City First Enterprises 40,000
Cochise County 36,677
Cochise Water Project, Inc. 500,000
Colorado Environmental Coalition 129,048
Colorado Mesa University 80,116
Colorado Water Trust 546,643
Colorado Watershed Assembly 10,000
Colorado Youth Corps Association 25,000
Conservation Lands Foundation 275,000
Earth Economics 110,000
Environmental Defense Fund   1,800,936
Environmental Grantmakers Association 14,150
Friends of the Verde River Greenway 598,922
Gila Watershed Partnership of Arizona 500,000
Grand Staircase-Escalante Partners Inc 491,493
High Country Citizens Alliance 56,964
Innovation Network for Communities 35,000
Institute for Sustainable Communities 75,000
Keystone Center 25,000
National Audubon Society 312,100
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation 80,040
National Geographic Society 40,000
National Parks Conservation Association 24,762
Nature Conservancy, Inc. 1,545,963
New Fuels Alliance 41,500
New Venture Fund 2,955,437
Open Space Institute 86,550
Partners for Western Conservation 35,000
Partners in Conservation 49,325
Pronatura Noroeste AC 517,436
River Network 10,000
Southwest Conservation Corps 267,440
Tamarisk Coalition 200,000
Telluride Foundation 33,900
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Inc. 125,000
Town of Clarkdale Arizona 137,796
Trout Unlimited 610,650
Trust for Conservation Innovation 40,000
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 100,000
University of Arizona Foundation 177,992
University of California at Santa Barbara 65,000
University of Colorado Foundation 98,052
Verde River Basin Partnership 60,000
Verde Valley Land Preservation Institute 126,538
Watershed Management Group 304,384
Western Conservation Foundation 800,000
Western Resource Advocates 534,548
Wildlands Network 75,000
Yavapai College Foundation 48,220
Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area Corporation 54,233
Freshwater Conservation - Colorado River Total $16,587,677.00
Ag Innovations 135,000
Ag Technology and Environmental Stewardship Foundation Inc. 155,000
Agricultural Watershed Institute 75,000
American Farmland Trust 133,553
Bayou Bartholomew Alliance 141,145
Biodiversity Project 180,000
Black Bear Conservation Committee 130,050
Blue Ocean Institute 26,000
Center for Rural Affairs 319,136
Ceres, Inc. 100,000
Coastal Communities Consulting 75,000
Cooperative Development Services 110,000
Cornell University 91,502
Defenders of Wildlife 100,058
Ducks Unlimited, Inc. 46,292
Environmental Defense Fund   2,718,857
Environmental Law and Policy Center of the Midwest 50,000
Environmental Working Group 175,000
Foundation for Louisiana 50,000
Greater New Orleans Development Foundation 150,000
Illinois Stewardship Alliance 55,000
Iowa Environmental Council 100,000
Iowa State University of Science and Technology 60,000
Izaak Walton League of America 173,381
Keystone Center 200,000
Land Stewardship Project 142,179
Lewis and Clark Community College 200,000
Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College 128,259
Lower Mississippi River Conservation Committee 124,977
Lower Mississippi River Foundation 91,250
Meridian Institute 750,000
Minnesota Agricultural Water Resource Center 133,862
Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy 30,000
Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Foundation 200,000
Mississippi River Corridor Tennessee 75,000
Mississippi State University 141,333
Mississippi's Lower Delta Partnership 113,560
National Association of Conservation Districts 30,000
National Audubon Society 2,058,667
National Corn Growers Association Foundation 200,000
National Wildlife Federation  2,758,333
Nature Conservancy, Inc. 1,437,986
New Venture Fund 15,000
Nonprofit Knowledge Works, Inc. 100,000
Northeast Midwest Institute 250,000
Practical Farmers of Iowa 268,000
Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana 26,000
R Street Institute 334,915
Regents of the University of Minnesota 80,000
RESOLVE Inc 39,480
Resources First Foundation 25,000
River Network 55,000
Rural Advantage 75,000
Taxpayers for Common Sense 181,250
The Corps Network 100,000
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Inc. 130,000
Trust for Public Land 20,600
United States Endowment for Forestry and Communities, Inc. 57,250
University of New Orleans 100,000
Winrock International 400,000
Freshwater Conservation - Mississippi River Total $16,422,875.00
Freshwater Conservation Total $33,010,552.00
Marine Environment Related Grants Amount
Bird's Head Seascape:  
Conservation International Foundation 6,080,392
RARE 550,000
Sea Sanctuaries Trust 119,100
Trust for Conservation Innovation 450,000
WildAid Inc. 157,520
World Wildlife Fund 29,422
Marine Conservation - Bird's Head Seascape Total $7,386,434.00
Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape:  
Conservation International Foundation 4,345,744
Consultative Group on Biological Diversity 51,785
Fondo para la Accion Ambiental y la Ninez 40,000
Forever Costa Rica Association 40,000
Nature Conservancy, Inc. 22,000
RARE 75,000
Marine Conservation - Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape Total $4,574,528.50
Gulf of California  
Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental, A.C. 62,500
Consultative Group on Biological Diversity 40,000
Duke University 89,519
Ecology Project International   407,500
ICF - International Community Foundation 117,700
Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans 108,677
Nature Conservancy, Inc. 100,000
Noroeste Sustentable  550,000
Pronatura Noroeste AC 120,000
Regents of the University of California 125,000
SmartFish AC 154,990
Sociedad de Historia Natural Niparaja A.C. 430,000
SuMar, Voces por la Naturaleza, A.C. 77,300
Marine Conservation - Gulf of California Total $2,383,186
Gulf of Mexico  
National Audubon Society 200,000
Nature Conservancy, Inc. 300,000
Ocean Conservancy 1,552,083
Marine Conservation - Gulf of Mexico Total $2,052,083
Gulf of Mexico - Oil Spill  
Department of Commerce 200,000
Environmental Defense Fund   209,065
Environmental Law Institute 225,000
Everglades Foundation, Inc. 57,000
Greater New Orleans Development Foundation 100,000
Gulf Restoration Network 80,000
National Parks Conservation Association 50,000
National Wildlife Federation 200,000
New Venture Fund 897,000
Oxfam America Inc. 225,000
Society of Environmental Journalists 125,000
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Inc. 90,000
TruFund Financial Services, Inc.   250,000
University of South Florida Foundation, Inc. 57,000
Marine Conservation - Gulf of Mexico - Oil Spill Total $2,765,065
Marine Conservation - Marine Priority Places Total $19,161,296.50
 Catch Shares  
Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen's Alliance, Inc.  220,000
Center for American Progress 100,000
Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation 30,274
Comunidad y Biodiversidad, A.C.  706,015
Environmental Defense Fund   8,500,000
Gulf of Maine Research Institute 50,000
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation 515,748
University of Washington 103,034
World Wildlife Fund 670,000
Marine Conservation - Catch Shares Total $10,895,071
Seafood Marketplace Incentives  
American Bird Conservancy 73,313
ClientEarth 166,667
Clinton Global Initiative 19,000
Comunidad y Biodiversidad, A.C.   123,000
FishChoice Inc 85,000
Harvard University 100,000
International Seafood Sustainability Foundation Inc. 350,000
ISEAL Alliance 49,186
John G. Shedd Aquarium Society 61,580
Manta Consulting, Inc. 25,000
Marine Stewardship Council  2,500,000
Minnesota Zoo Foundation 41,320
Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation 30,000
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation 150,000
Resources Legacy Fund 150,000
Seafood Industry Research Fund  75,000
Seaweb 229,920
Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Foundation 1,548,640
Sustainable Fishery Advocates (FishWise) 350,000
University of Washington 99,641
Wild Salmon Center 350,000
World Wildlife Fund 480,131
Marine Conservation - Seafood Market Place Incentives Total $7,057,398
Marine Conservation Total $37,113,765
Other Environment Related Grants Amount
African Parks Foundation of America 500,000
Arizona Science Center 300,000
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies 113,634
ASU Foundation for A New American University  5,950,000
ClientEarth 75,000
Conservation International Foundation 10,000,000
Desert Botanical Garden 10,000
Ecology Project International   10,000
Environment Colorado Research and Policy Center, Inc. 10,000
Environmental Defense Fund   1,750,000
Environmental Law and Policy Center of the Midwest 40,000
Four Corners School of Outdoor Education, Inc. 25,000
Global Explorers 100,000
Grand Canyon River Guides 10,000
Grand Canyon Youth 155,279
Herring Gut Learning Center 10,000
ICF - International Community Foundation 95,000
Liberty Wildlife Rehabilitation Foundation Inc. 20,000
Nature Conservancy of Texas, Inc. 25,000
Nature Conservancy, Inc. - Arkansas 1,998,750
Noroeste Sustentable  50,000
Regents of the University of California 15,000
Resources Legacy Fund 100,000
Sea Education Association 10,000
Skytruth 75,000
Urban Ecology Center 385,000
University of California at Santa Barbara 1,146,023
Other Environment Related Grants Total $22,978,686
Environment Total $93,103,003

Home Region Grants

Arkansas Education  Amount 
Accelerate Arkansas 75,000
Arkansans for Education Reform Foundation  300,202
Arkansas Aims - Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science, Inc. 437,500
Arkansas Department of Education 242,000
Arkansas Public School Resource Center  3,414,057
Arkansas Tech University 276,248
Association of American Educators Foundation  189,552
e-STEM Public Charter Schools, Inc. 318,900
Exalt Academy of Southwest Little Rock 250,000
Exalt Education  240,000
Fountain Lake School District 40,000
Lisa Academy  250,000
LISA Academy-North Little Rock 250,000
Little Rock Preparatory Academy 250,000
Northwest Evaluation Association  475,200
Ozark College and Career Academy 30,000
University of Arkansas Foundation Inc 323,610
 Arkansas Education Total $7,362,269
Northwest Arkansas Amount
Arkansas Natural Resources Commission 100,000
Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting Foundation  65,100
Beaver Water District 58,250
Beaver Watershed Alliance 123,998
Bentonville Bella Vista Trailblazers Association Inc. 207,944
Bentonville Child Care and Development Center 787,487
Catholic Social Services, Diocese of Little Rock 98,000
City of Fayetteville 46,604
City of Rogers 176,013
Credit Counseling of Arkansas, Inc.  111,781
Downtown Bentonville Inc  176,189
Endeavor Foundation 5,896,028
Hispanic Scholarship Fund 91,243
Hispanic Womens Organization of Arkansas 78,521
Illinois River Watershed Partnership 200,000
Jones Trust 1,000,000
Main Street Siloam Springs, Inc. 100,000
Northwest Arkansas Community Creative Center 99,120
Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission 4,867,984
Rogers Public Schools 42,500
Symphony Orchestra of Northwest Arkansas   165,971
Theatre Squared 75,000
Tricycle Theatre For Youth 134,850
University of Arkansas Foundation Inc 519,508
Upper White River Basin Foundation 25,000
Walton Arts Center Inc. 3,350,000
Watershed Conservation Resource Center 335,000
 Northwest Arkansas Total $18,932,091
Delta Region of Arkansas and Mississippi Amount
Clarksdale Municipal School District 210,046
College Initiative 130,000
Southern Bancorp Community Partners  1,598,858
Teach For America - Delta Region  4,087,500
 Delta Region of Arkansas and Mississippi Total $6,026,404
Home Region Research and Evaluation  Amount
Afterschool Alliance 18,180
National Council on Crime and Delinquency 49,995
Northwest Evaluation Association  20,500
University of Arkansas Foundation Inc 79,985
 Home Region Research and Evaluation Total $168,660
Home Region Total $32,489,424

Special Interests

Other Special Interests Amount
(Northeastern Oklahoma) NEO A and M College Development Foundation, Inc. 10,000
Alliance for Children, Inc. 25,000
Alternative Opportunities, Inc. 128,765
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research  100,000
American Heart Association 10,000
American Heart Association Phoenix 10,000
American Red Cross Northern Colorado Chapter 50,000
Amon Carter Museum of Western Art 589,800
AOPA Foundation  Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association 40,000
Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Arkansas Foundation 12,000
Arizona Foundation for Women, Inc. 50,000
Arkansas Arts Center Foundation 107,000
Arkansas Children's Hospital Foundation 25,000
Arkansas Community Foundation 37,500
Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council 10,000
Arkansas Family Health Foundation 10,000
Arkansas Independent Colleges and Universities - Independent College Fund of Arkansas 12,000
Arkansas Policy Foundation 10,000
Arkansas Public School Resource Center 318,783
Arkansas State Council on Economic Education (Economics Arkansas) 20,000
Arkansas Tennis Patrons Foundation 10,000
Arts Council of Oklahoma City 10,000
Aspen Journalism 42,500
Aspen Valley Medical Foundation Limited 10,000
Aspen Valley Ski-Snowboard Club, Inc. 50,000
Aspire of Green County Oklahoma 10,000
Autism Speaks 10,000
Bartlesville Community Foundation 10,000
Bentonville Bella Vista Trailblazers Association Inc. 174,174
Boston Mountain Cyclists, Inc. 15,000
Boy Scouts of America Last Frontier Council 12,500
Boy Scouts of America/Indian Nations Council, Inc. 15,000
Boys and Girls Club of Bartlesville 10,000
Boys and Girls Club of Benton County 20,000
Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma County, Inc. 10,000
Boys and Girls Clubs of America 25,000
Boys and Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix 15,000
Broken Arrow Neighbors 10,000
Camp War Eagle, Inc. 5,341,694
Careity Foundation 25,000
CASA of Northwest Arkansas, Inc. 35,000
CASA of Palo Pinto and Parker Counties 20,000
Cato Institute 75,000
Center for Neighborhood Technology 30,000
Centers for Youth and Families, Inc. 10,000
Chicago Public Media 10,000
Children's Center, Inc. 10,000
Children's Hospital Foundation 118,395
Choate Rosemary Hall Foundation, Inc. 1,270,000
Christian Ministers Alliance, Inc. 10,000
City of Farmington 10,000
City of Fort Worth - Animal Adoption Center 20,000
City of Huntsville 10,000
City of Lawton 10,000
City of Siloam Springs 1,333,890
City Year Denver 150,000
City Year Inc 340,000
Coaching Corps 10,000
College Initiative 65,000
College of the Ozarks 25,000
College of Wooster 20,000
Colorado Bright Beginnings 100,000
Colorado College 2,000,000
Colorado Nonprofit Development Center  25,000
Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc. 10,000
Columbia College (Chicago) 20,000
Columbia College (Missouri) 10,000
Columbia University Law School 25,000
Columbus Zoological Park Association - SECORE Project 50,000
Comanche County Memorial Foundation, Inc. 15,000
Community Foundation of Jackson Hole - AKA Community Foundation of Teton Valley 110,000
Community Foundation of the Ozarks, Inc. 12,500
Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa 10,000
COMPASS For Lifelong Discovery (Early Childhood Center) 10,000
Cookson Hills Christian Ministries - Cookson Hills Christian School 40,000
Cooperative Emergency Outreach 10,000
Council for Economic Education  20,000
Council on Foundations 44,500
Crowder College Foundation, Inc. 32,000
Decision Point, Inc. 30,000
Denver Biennial of the Americas Corporation 250,000
Denver Children's Advocacy Center 419,000
Dickinson State University Foundation 320,000
Domestic Violence Intervention Services, Inc. 50,000
DonorsChoose.org 100,000
Downtown Bentonville Inc  35,449
Downtown Springdale Alliance 15,000
Dream Catchers Outdoor Adventures Inc 10,000
EAA Aviation Foundation, Inc. 50,000
Elementary Institute of Science 49,000
Enactus 150,000
Evergreen State College Foundation 10,000
Family YMCA of Bartlesville 10,000
Fay School 10,000
Fellowship of Christian Athletes 13,500
Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center 10,000
FJC A Foundation of Donor Advised Funds - (Sarika Singh Thangde Gastal) 10,000
Foothills United Way, Inc 50,000
Fort Smith Chamber Economic Development Foundation, Inc. 31,250
Fort Worth Modern Art Museum Assoc 50,000
Fort Worth Museum of Science and History 25,000
Fort Worth Zoological Association, Inc. 50,000
Friends of the Chicago River 20,000
Fuller Theological Seminary 10,000
Fundacion de Beneficencia Alejandro Rojas Sierra 838,906
Gary Comer Youth Center 12,349
Georgetown University   1,035,000
Girl Scouts - Arizona Cactus-Pine Council, Inc. 12,500
Girl Scouts - Diamonds of Arkansas Oklahoma and Texas 18,000
Gombe School of Environment and Society-USA Inc.  265,250
Governor Dummer Academy 35,000
Graland Country Day 10,000
Greater Cornerstone Community Development Project 10,000
Greenway Foundation, Inc. 25,000
Grid Alternatives 20,000
Growing Home, Inc. 85,000
Growing Power 40,000
Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco, Inc. - Peninsula Habitat for Humanity 10,000
Habitat for Humanity of Benton County, Inc. 12,500
Happy Hill Farm Children's Home, Inc. 20,000
Holy Land Christians Society, Inc. 26,000
Hoover Institution, Stanford University 10,000
Hope Women's Shelter, Inc.  15,000
Horses for Healing, Inc.  20,000
Hospice of the Hills, Inc. 10,000
Infant Crisis Services 10,000
Institute for Humane Studies 40,000
International Mountain Bicycling Association 96,674
James and Dorothy Doss Heritage and Culture Center of Parker County 10,000
Jazz at Lincoln Center 50,000
Jim Riley Outreach, Inc. 10,000
JMJ Maternity Homes 25,000
Jones Center for Families Inc. 20,000
Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation 149,839
Kimbell Art Foundation 125,000
KIPP Tulsa Academy College Preparatory 250,000
Land Legacy 25,000
Leland Stanford Junior University 700,000
Little Rock Chamber Foundation 20,000
Living Coast Discovery Center 102,500
Los Angeles County Museum of Art  100,000
Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health 10,000
Mayo Clinic Arizona 100,000
MCA Denver  - Museum of Contemporary Art-Denver 165,000
Mercy Health Foundation of Northwest Arkansas 15,000
Metropolitan College of New York 10,000
Mile High United Way, Inc  200,000
Museum of Northern Arizona Inc. 10,000
MyCollege Foundation 250,000
National Christian Foundation 10,000
National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, Inc. 50,000
National Cutting Horse Association Charities Found. 105,000
National Gallery of Art 100,000
National Museum of Women in the Arts, Inc. 30,000
National Park Community College Foundation, Inc. 10,000
Neighborspace 29,410
New Haven Home, Inc. 131,260
New Life Ranch, Inc. 25,000
New Venture Fund 70,000
New York Historical Society 25,000
North Arkansas Medical Foundation 10,000
North Garland County Youth Center dba Paul Bewie Boys and Girls Club 10,000
Northwest Arkansas Community College Foundation, Inc.  66,000
Northwest Arkansas Free Health Center 10,000
Northwest Arkansas Women's Shelter aka Benton County Womens Shelter 10,000
Oklahoma City Economic Development Foundation, Inc. 20,000
Olana Partnership 50,000
Old Jail Art Center 10,000
Operation One Voice 15,000
Ozark Natural Science Center, Inc. 35,000
Ozark Off Road Cyclists OORC 68,020
Park Partners of Fort Smith, Inc. 10,000
pARTners          15,000
Pea Ridge School District 10,500
Peel Compton Foundation  594,033
Performing Arts Fort Worth, Inc. 83,333
Phoenix Symphony Association 200,000
Phoenix Theatre 216,000
Plant With Purpose  10,000
Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services 15,000
Presbyterian Church USA 56,782
Prescott College 15,000
Project Gatehouse Endowment 1,250,000
Razorback Foundation, Inc. 2,007,500
Regents of the University of California f/b/o University of California, Merced 90,000
Resource Center (Plant Chicago) 25,000
Rios to Rivers 20,000
River Parks Authority 50,000
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkoma Inc 25,000
Salvation Army - Fayetteville 20,000
Salvation Army Colorado/Arizona 50,000
Salvation Army of Bartlesville 10,000
Salvation Army Shawnee 10,000
Samaritan Counseling and Growth Center, Inc. 10,000
San Diego Natural History Museum 951,500
Seven Hills Homeless Center 85,500
Shawnee Community Foundation 10,000
Shriners Hospitals for Children  10,000
Southwest Family YMCA aka Tri-State Family YMCA 15,200
SPA Foundation (Seaplane Pilots Association) 25,000
Special Forces Charitable Trust 20,000
Springdale Rotary Charitable Foundation Trust 32,000
Stanford University 47,000
Star Rock Ministries 10,000
StreetWise 75,000
Subiaco Academy 25,000
Sustainable Northwest 100,000
Team Rwanda Cycling, Inc. 150,000
The Colorado Museum of Natural History dba Denver Museum of Nature and Science 320,000
Third Sector New England, Inc. 80,000
Trends Charitable Fund 10,000
Trout Unlimited, Inc. Alaska 45,000
Tulsa Community College Foundation 25,000
Tulsa Community Foundation 24,500
UCSD Cancer Center Foundation - U C San Diego Foundation 25,000
United Way of Northwest Arkansas 159,000
United Way of Parker County 25,000
University of Arkansas Foundation Inc 25,000
University of Colorado Foundation 25,000
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 27,500
University of Oklahoma Foundation, Inc. 15,000
University of the Ozarks 167,369
University Scholarships 178,886
University of Wyoming 15,000
University of Wyoming Foundation 500,000
Up With Trees 10,000
USA Cycling Development Foundation 50,000
Valley of the Sun United Way 20,000
Van Cliburn Foundation, Inc. 15,000
Vietnam Veterans of San Diego d/b/a Veterans Village of San Diego 20,000
Walmart Associates in Critical Need Fund 4,000,000
Washington County Historical Society, Inc. 10,000
Whale Foundation 10,000
William A. Farnsworth Library and Art Museum 25,000
World Services for the Blind 125,000
Young Life Foundation 10,000
Young Mens Christian Association of Lawton Oklahoma 10,000
Young Womens Christian Association of Oklahoma City 15,500
Zoological Society of San Diego 13,500
Special Interest Total $33,571,010