Protecting natural resources, building economies

At the Walton Family Foundation, we believe that conservation solutions that make economic sense are the ones that stand the test of time. We work to achieve lasting change by creating new and unexpected partnerships among conservation, business and community interests to build durable solutions to important problems.

With our 2020 Environment Strategic Plan, the foundation is investing in two of the most important conservation issues of our time: restoring the health of the oceans through sustainable fisheries and preserving functioning rivers and the quality and availability of fresh water they provide.

This work currently spans four initiatives:

Oceans: We invest in Indonesia and the Americas — the U.S., Mexico, Peru and Chile — to end overfishing, improve ocean health and preserve coastal livelihoods.

Colorado River: We work to develop a flexible water management system by increasing market incentives for agricultural and urban water efficiency in the Upper Basin; shaping binational and multi-state water agreements in the Lower Basin; and restoring riparian habitat and water flows.

Mississippi River: We align policy and market incentives to encourage farmers to adopt practices that improve water quality, build soil health and reduce pollution across the basin, while continuing to meet the growing demand for food. 

Coastal Gulf of Mexico: We work to ensure that the restoration dollars from the 2010 oil spill settlement flow to priority restoration projects, with an emphasis on the Mississippi River Delta.

We invested more than $83 million in environment initiatives in 2016.

Water in the West

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