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How One School District is Closing the Diversity Gap between Educators and Students
Luis Gonzalez | February 14, 2018

Rogers School District recruits and retains teachers who share the same backgrounds as their students | Read More

A Teacher’s Task: Helping Students Become Who They Want to Be
Christine Schneider | September 11, 2017

With schools back in session across the country, we asked teachers to reflect on the most important aspects of their jobs | Read More

Why I Became A Teacher
Christine Schneider | September 07, 2017

For educators, a career in the classroom provides the best way to create opportunity for kids | Read More

Ringing in a New School Year with High Expectations
Christine Schneider | September 06, 2017

On the first day back at school, teachers – like students – feel sense of expectation and opportunity | Read More

Summer Teaching Fellowships Help Close Growing ‘Diversity Gap’
Christine Schneider | May 10, 2017

Nationwide need for more teachers of color drives work at Generation Teach | Read More

Two Rivers: For Children, by Parents
Fawzia Ahmed | February 27, 2017

Manda Kelley helped found Two Rivers Public Charter School. Now she is one of its teachers | Read More

Empowering Faculty to Make a Difference
Carrie Scott-Bruns | December 01, 2016

Using Indiana's innovation school model to help teachers teach | Read More

Doing Great Things for Mississippi Children through Teach for America
Foundation Staff | December 02, 2015

Courtney Van Cleve returns to her home state to make a difference | Read More

Nandi Stewart: Fixing Schools to Fix America
Foundation Staff | November 03, 2015

As a child, Nandi Stewart planned to become a Supreme Court Justice. | Read More

Damion LeeNatali: Closing the Achievement Gap in Colorado
Foundation Staff | November 03, 2015

When Damion LeeNatali was growing up in Denver, there were "huge, huge achievement gaps," he said, and he became a Teach For America (TFA) corps member. | Read More