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Creating Ambassadors of Agricultural Change
Moira Mcdonald | September 20, 2017

Through its Cover Crop Champions program, the National Wildlife Federation is helping farmers adopt more productive, sustainable practices | Read More

River at Risk: The Mississippi
Moira Mcdonald | February 09, 2017

The Mississippi River is remarkable because, every day, almost 20 million people in 50 cities depend on it for their drinking water. | Read More

Finding Conservation Solutions that Work for America's Heartland
Moira Mcdonald | December 30, 2016

In Iowa’s farm country, ideas for more sustainable crops grow at the grassroots level | Read More

Poll Shows Soil Health is Top of Mind for Farmers
Moira Mcdonald | March 30, 2016

Iowa farm poll explores farmers’ perceptions and practices around keeping soil healthy | Read More