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First Ever Report Card to Improve Mississippi River Basin
Foundation Staff | November 02, 2015

Mississippi River Basin gets a D+ in new report card by America's Watershed Initiative | Read More

Classical Music Works in Concert with Academic Studies
Foundation Staff | October 27, 2015

Symphony of Northwest Arkansas brings its orchestra to local classrooms | Read More

Working Together to Transform Low Performing Schools in Memphis
Foundation Staff | October 26, 2015

Achievement School District cultivates talented leaders to improve struggling schools | Read More

Healthy Soil Equals a Healthy Bottom Line for Midwest Farmers
Foundation Staff | October 20, 2015

National Corn Growers Association helps spur innovative solutions for eco-friendly farming | Read More

Teach for America Impacts Lives Beyond the Classroom
Foundation Staff | October 15, 2015

Californian Chintan Desai of TFA puts down roots in the Arkansas Delta | Read More

New Online Tool Helps Fishermen Keep Seabirds Safe
Foundation Staff | October 09, 2015

American Bird Conservancy aims to help reduce the number of birds accidentally captured by fishing gear | Read More

Keeping Colorado’s Dolores River Flowing
Foundation Staff | September 28, 2015

For years, the Dolores River has served as a safe haven for three of Colorado’s most colorfully named native fish – the flannelmouth sucker, the bluehead sucker and the roundtail chub. Fishermen and river enthusiasts enjoy the water’s unique recreational opportunities year round | Read More

Top 5 Questions Guiding Marty West's Character Research
Foundation Staff | September 17, 2015

Harvard professor shares insights on researching students' non-cognitive skills | Read More

A Q&A with Character Lab's Dr. Angela Duckworth
Foundation Staff | September 17, 2015

Taking a closer look at the notion of "grit" and the future of character research | Read More

Pedaling to Better Health
Foundation Staff | September 16, 2015

Biking becomes part of curriculum in Northwest Arkansas schools | Read More