Big Challenges, Bold Solutions for School Facilities

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Big Challenges, Bold Solutions for School Facilities

More than 25 years ago, public charter schools first offered a bold solution to the big challenge of creating high-quality schools for all children, especially those in low-income communities. In so many places, public charter schools have put the needs of students first by giving teachers what they need to do their best for students. Time and again, these educators have recognized that each child, family, school and community is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

One of the biggest obstacles for educators hoping to open public charter schools has been finding a permanent, affordable school building. Most states don’t provide public financing for these public schools. Securing private financing is a costly and time-consuming distraction, sometimes delaying school openings by more than a year and taking teachers and leaders away from instruction.

These two non-profit funds will make it easier and more affordable for educators to find the long- and short-term financing they need to open new schools.

With fewer obstacles and more cost savings, time and money once spent on the search for facilities can be directed back into the classrooms, back to the teachers and back to where it should be—with the students.

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