Supporting Quality Public Charter Schools through One Million Lives

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Supporting Quality Public Charter Schools through One Million Lives

Thousands of charter schools provide an excellent education to students around the country. But there are still too many students in both traditional and charter public schools who don’t graduate and too few students academically prepared to succeed. While many charter schools perform at the highest levels, many others perform at the lowest levels. Public charter school authorizers are responsible for opening high-performing schools, and they also bear responsibility for shutting down low-performers. Too many authorizers across the country are falling short on both parts of their jobs.

That’s why we’ve invested $5 million in the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) to support the strong authorization of more than 2,000 new, high-performing public charter schools and the closure of at least 900 of the lowest-performing charters.

This investment will enable NACSA and its One Million Lives campaign to partner with several of the largest authorizers in the nation and work with policymakers to improve authorizing practices, while equipping authorizers with the tools they need to ensure every charter school is meeting its promise to serve students with a high-quality public school education.

Learn more about NACSA and the One Million Lives campaign > 

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