Protecting our Seafood Supply with FishChoice.com


Protecting our Seafood Supply with FishChoice.com

The global demand for seafood has strained fish populations and threatened commercial fisheries. Overfishing and harmful fishing practices can also endanger other types of ocean wildlife, including turtles and seabirds. There is hope, however. Increasingly, the seafood industry is taking the reins to protect our fish supply.

FishChoice plays a unique role in the seafood supply chain and within the sustainable seafood movement. FishChoice helps businesses make informed, environmentally-responsible decisions and builds tools that gather environmental information to create a more cohesive and comprehensive movement toward seafood sustainability.

The nonprofit works as a networking tool connecting retail, restaurant and institutional seafood buyers with suppliers and producers of sustainable seafood. As an online networking and resource hub, FishChoice.com matches seafood products with sustainability information from the leading seafood assessment and certification organizations.

As a Walton Family Foundation grantee, FishChoice.com provides the industry with resources that are easy to use, up-to-date and designed to fit their business needs. The organization created the Sustainable Seafood Calculator to provide seafood buyers with an easy-to-use online tool to determine the sustainability ratings of various species of seafood. With support from the foundation, FishChoice.com also works with 18 environmental organizations to provide tools for efficiency and visibility to a wider audience.

In addition, the seafood industry relies on FishChoice.com’s aggregated research as a non-biased, comprehensive source of environmental best practices. Together, the Sustainable Seafood Calculator and FishChoice.com provide restaurants information about sustainability and offer seafood buyers, suppliers and chefs tools and advice on how to become champions for better fishing practices.

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