1,000 Trees in 2015

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1,000 Trees in 2015

Having grown up in the Ozarks, we know there are certain characteristics that make our communities special – the people, a culture of native Arkansans and new residents from around the globe, and a natural beauty that is a constant companion in daily life.

As the region grows, it’s important to continue to foster these qualities that first made our hometown great. That’s why the Walton Family Foundation will provide more than 1,000 trees during 2015 for residents of Benton County to plant around their homes. On one recent day this spring, we distributed 500 trees throughout various neighborhoods as you can see here.

This is just a glimpse of a broader commitment to continue to further cultivate what has made the region a hub of global business, world-class cultural and recreational amenities, and the place we love to call home.

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